Collective Worship

A big thank you to our Open The Book Team and The B Tales group  for creating these collective worship videos for us to use whilst we are social distancing.

We hope you enjoy them.

Open the Book episode 1

Open the Book episode 2

Open the Book episode 3

Open the Book episode 4

Open the Book episode 5  The long journey with bonus spot the difference and crack the code:

Open The Book September 14th 2020 

Open The Book September 22nd 2020

Open The Book September 29th The Big Spender click here

Open the Book October 7t h The Kind Stranger  click here

Open The Book October 13th The Parables click here

Open the Book November 2nd The Unforgiving Servant click here

Chester Schools Christian Work (CSCW) November 9th (Previously Open the Book) The Rich Fool Click here  

CSCW 18/11/20 click here

CSCW 25/11/20 Christmas is coming Click here

CSCW 1/12/20 Christmas- a strange rescue plan click here

CSCW 8/12/20 Not another zoom call! click here

CSCW 13/1/21 The Early Church Click Here

CSCW 20/1/21 Tabitha Click Here

CSCW 27/1/21 The Great Change click here

CSCW 3/2/21 Prison Praise click here

CSCW 23/2/21 Palm Sunday click here

CSCW 3/3/21 Bread, meat and stinky feet! click here

CSCW 9/3/21 Panicking Peter click here

CSCW 17/3/21 The road to the cross - Good Friday click here

CSCW 24/03/21 A happy day  click here

CSCW 20/4/21 


CSCW 18/5/21 Anna and Simeon

click here

The B Tales  episode 1

The B Tales  episode 2

The B Tales episode 3

The B Tales episode 4 (with a special mention to Barrow School!)

The B Tales episode 5 Jesus calms the storm

The B Tales You Tube Page with lots of episodes

The B Tales Remembrance Day Collective  Worship Click Here