Ancient Greek Day

Lesson: History

Class: WILLOW CLASS: Year Three, Four, Five and Six Year: 2016 - 2017

Today we welcomed 'Makers of History' to our school for an Ancient Greek Workshop Day. We all dressed up as Ancient Greeks for the day to add to the atmosphere.

A rich Athenian lady and a proud Spartan tutor helped the children learn about the wisdom of the Ancient Greeks. From two very different city-states with contrasting outlooks on life, they experienced all the following…….

  • Consulting the Oracle – the children played a game to find out what lay ahead.
  • They handled artefacts and had to decide what each selection were about…school, religion, shopping…..
  • We talked about democracy and took a vote at the end to decide which city state was best. Was it Athens or Sparta?
  • We discovered what it was like growing up in Sparta.
  • We played an authentic Greek board game called Achilles and Ajax.
  • We made a coin from clay and wrote on papyrus with real quills.
  • We solved a problem with the genius Archimedes.
  • Theatre – all the children performed a traditional play about Persephone with costumes, wigs, music and song!
  • We finished off the day with some Greek dancing to live music.

It was a fun-filled, memorable day! Thank you to everyone who made the day such a success.