Oak: Year Two and Three: Blog items

Computing , by Mrs Appelbe

The Dewa Experience , by Mrs Appelbe

Planting, by Mrs Nolan

3D shape, by Mrs Nolan

Techniquest, by Mrs Appelbe

The Water Cycle, by Mrs Nolan

Mother's Day, by Mrs Nolan

Chicks have hatched, by Mrs Nolan

Hatching chicks, by Mrs Nolan

Amaryllis update, by Mrs Nolan

Lunar and Pumpkin, by Mrs Nolan

Spring, by Mrs Nolan

Rock Detectives, by Mrs Nolan

Palaeolithic Hunters, by Mrs Appelbe

Cave Paintings , by Mrs Appelbe

National Poetry Day 2018, by Mrs Nolan

Mary Jones and her Bible, by Mrs Appelbe

Cricket , by Mrs Appelbe

Welcome back, by Mrs Appelbe

Year 3/4 Week ending 8.6.18, by Mrs Strickland

Year 3/4 Week ending 18.5.18 , by Mrs Strickland

Year 3/4 week ending 11.5.18, by Mrs Strickland