Story Time

Story Time

At Barrow School we are determined that our pupils will develop a love of reading that will stay with them throughout their lives.

Every week we enjoy a story together as a whole school.

The links are here for the children to re-listen to some of the stories at home.


The Shoe Tree


Boffy and the Teacher Eater


The Last Slice of Rainbow



The Great Big Hairy Boggart

Sinbad and the valley of diamonds


Jack and the Beanstalk 

A lion at school

The Magic of Funky Monkey



The Most Beautiful House

Arthur the Lazy Ant

Dragon Child





 As well as whole school story time there are lots of other things happening to help our pupils develop a love of reading, for example:


  • An outdoor reading shed which is open every playtime for the children to enjoy books and stories together.
  • Extreme reading competitions where we try and read in weird and wonderful places.


  • Use of Bug Club reading scheme across the whole school which has engaging paper and online books for children to read.


  • Mystery readers who come and read to the children in class.


  • Buddy readers where children pair up with an older pupil to enjoy a book together.


  • Regular adult reading volunteers from our local community who listen to children read every week. 


  • Recommend a book area in each class where children celebrate the books they have read and encourage others to try them too.


  • Juicy book club- small groups are taken to enjoy a book and a drink of juice together.


  • Special reading areas in each class room.


  • A cosy reading corner in our After School Club.




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