Social media

Hello, Everyone.

Yes, Barrow School has now made it onto social media.

We have set up a closed (i.e. safe) Facebook group for all parents, teachers, governors and friends of Barrow School.

It is cleverly called “Barrow School”.

We can use it to to send messages to and from school.

It is also a way for parents to chat to each other - e.g. “Have you got tomorrow’s spellings?”

Please search for the group on Facebook and ask to join.

You may get a message asking you to confirm who your child is, or what your link to the school is, so that we can make sure only the right people join.

We have also set up a Twitter account - @BarrowCESchool

This is an open way to post things about the school. It is a good way to raise the profile of the school, as well as share events and achievements.

Please follow us and get Tweeting.